Display Turntables

If you need a turntable for private purposes or a multitude of them for costumers – whatever the field of application and number of units, we offer a fair deal. Free shipping within Germany regardless of quantity ordered.

Motorized turntables and electric display turntables at unbeatable prices

For orders of ten units or more, attractive additional rebates are available. Don’t hesitate to ask for them. We look forward to your order.

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Use turntables and benefit from moving advertisement

Presenting your articles on turntables ensures they gain a high degree of attention. Slow and steady rotation exhibits goods from every angle. You can even demonstrate technical features of moving products by utilizing turntables with fitted sliding contacts. Larger superstructures can be mounted on turntables readily and with ease. You will find detailed information and images of the different types on the respective product pages. Installation is dead easy. Browse our offerings and find the turntable just fitting your needs. Should any questions arise, we will gladly help you with words and deeds, be it before purchase or after.